The Best Sleep Timing To Reduce Anxiety

Sleeping at the right time is linked to lower levels of anxiety. People who go to sleep later tend to experience more repetitive negative thinking, research finds. Those who go to bed later also get more overwhelmed with negative thoughts than those who keep more regular sleeping hours. People who experience repetitive negative thinking typically feel they have little control over it. They worry too much about both the future and the past, and the thoughts tend to intrude into everyday life. These intrusive thoughts are linked to depression, anxiety

How To Feel Happier In Only Two Minutes A Day

Both happiness and general well-being were boosted in the study of 395 people. Taking a few moments to stop and look at something in the natural environment is enough to make people happier, research finds. LIterally, ‘stopping and smelling the roses’, or in this case noticing anything in the natural world really does work. Both happiness and well-being were boosted by noticing things like a bird, a house plant, a dandelion in the sidewalk, or just the sun shining through the window. In the research, people took a photo of

A Weird Depression Symptom Most People Don’t Know

Why depressed people cannot hold on to positive memories and emotions. Depressed people have 30% worse memory on certain tasks, research finds. Depressed mood stops people from holding information in their memory. This may be why depressed people can find it hard to hold on to positive memories and emotions. It can also help to explain how depression develops and persists over time. In depressed people, memory is easily ‘hijacked’ by depressing thoughts, to the exclusion of all else. Professor Bart Rypma, who led the study, said: “People with depression

Gestalt Theory

Gestalt Theory Gestalt in German means “whole...
Am I Sad or Depressed?

Am I Sad or Depressed?

Into each life a little rain must fall is a way of saying every one of us will experience sadness in our lifetime. It is completely normal and natural. But there are some people who feel something deeper and darker…