Factors for a Stable Marriage

Stable and successful marriages over time have...

The Simple Depression Treatment That Works In 24 Hours

30 years worth of research reveals that 50% of people benefit from this simple treatment. Sleep deprivation can rapidly reduce the symptoms of depression, 30 years of research suggests. Around half of people with depression who are sleep deprived under controlled, inpatient conditions feel better quickly. Many see improvements in just 24 hours, in comparison to the weeks it can take for antidepressants to start working. ‘Wake therapy’, as it is sometimes called, involves staying awake all night and the next day. Around 50% of people find their depression improves

The Healthiest Way To Deal With Powerful Emotions

The obvious strategy for controlling emotions is not always the best, study finds. Sometimes it pays not to keep your emotions in check, research finds. While controlling your emotions is usually thought of as being healthy, it isn’t always. When there is something you can do about a situation, emotions help to motivate action. Because emotions encourage us to look for solutions, they can help us escape from difficult situations. If you reason the emotions away, then you are less likely to make the necessary changes. However, when there is

The Eye Gaze That Makes You More Attractive

People look more attractive when gazing in this way. Looking directly at someone makes you more attractive to them, research finds. People were particularly attracted to opposite-sex faces that were looking at them and smiling. Dr Claire Conway, the study’s first author, said: “When asked to think of examples of attractive facial characteristics, most people think of physical traits such as healthy looking skin, symmetrical features or a strong jaw. Here we show that gaze direction can also be important for attraction.” People in the study looked at a series

Am I Sad or Depressed?

Am I Sad or Depressed?

Into each life a little rain must fall is a way of saying every one of us will experience sadness in our lifetime. It is completely normal and natural. But there are some people who feel something deeper and darker…