Psychopaths Naturally Excel In This Dark Skill

Psychopaths naturally excel in one dark skill. Psychopaths are much better at learning to lie than the rest of us, new research finds. It is a natural capacity just waiting to be tapped. The research compared people with high and low psychopathic traits. The results showed that psychopaths learned to lie quicker. Dr Tatia Lee, study co-author, said: “The stark contrast between individuals with high and low levels of psychopathic traits in lying performance following two training sessions is remarkable, given that there were no significant differences in lying performance

8 Steps For Handling Passive-Aggressive People

How to spot someone who is passive-aggressive and how to handle them. Some people find it very hard to express their concerns directly. Here are some of the ways that passive-aggressive people attempt to communicate their irritation: Procrastination. Deliberately being inefficient. Trying to blame others. Doing something just too late to be useful. Doing something badly so it is not useful. Saying ‘I forgot’, when they didn’t. Acting sullen. Of course all of these could just as easily not have a passive-aggressive intent — that is the advantage of this

Meet Our New Therapist! – Maggie Gostonczik

Maggie Gostonczik, MA Psychotherapist Maggie has...

The Most Narcissistic Generation Were Born Between These Years

…and how members of the most narcissistic generation ever react to the label. People born between 1988 and 1994 — so-called “millennials” — are the most narcissistic generation ever. At least that is their view and the view of both their parents and grandparents. Not that the label sits well with them, new research finds. Mr Joshua Grubbs, a millennial himself who led the research, said: “Millennials and older generations agree that millennials are the most narcissistic. They just disagree to the extent of the narcissism.” People in the study