These Questions Linked To Lower Depression And Anxiety

Allow yourself to consider these question for better mental health. Asking yourself the ‘big questions’ about life is linked to lower depression and anxiety, new research finds. People who do not resist existential concerns about the meaning of life have better mental health. Fear of confronting these kinds of questions, though, is linked to problems regulating the emotions. Professor Julie Exline, study’s co-author said: “Religious and spiritual struggles — conflicts with God or religious people, tough questions about faith, morality, and the meaning of life — these are often taboo

8 Fascinating Facts About Anxiety Worth Knowing

Surprising facts about anxiety include that it affects the sense of smell and balance, how we judge faces and perceptions of our personal space, and more… Anxiety can be crippling in excess, but it does exist for a good reason. Anxiety tells us we’re in danger and we need to do something. It was our anxious ancestors who prepared better for winter and made plans to fight off neighbouring tribes. The relaxed, laid-back guys never made it. But anxiety’s effects aren’t limited to motivation, they seep through the mind to

Honest People use These Forbidden Words more Frequently

These words have also surprisingly been linked to a greater vocabulary and even being more persuasive.
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Conversation Flow Using Procedural Muscle Memory

Simply said: "Once you have created a fruitful...