About Us

Our Mission

Mission: To help individuals and families overcome a variety of life's challenges through connection, education, and effective professional services.

Our Vision for Healthcare

Vision: To provide whole-person health care while enhancing the lives of people within our community.


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About Mindfully Healing

We provide information and resources to help increase life satisfaction and mental health wellness. We believe that everyone can live a full, satisfying life and everyone’s journey is unique. All therapies and theories found on MindfullyHealing.com are evidence-based and provided by professional psychologists. This helps to provide unbiased and concise information to consumers. This also helps to ensure that time will not be wasted pursuing unproven therapies.


Our community is comprised of professional psychologists, psychiatrists, holistic practitioners, and consumers. Participation is encouraged for anyone who can help or provide information to improve the lives of others. We also offer a variety of support and skills groups throughout the year to connect with others, increase awareness, and educate.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT is an evidence-based, comprehensive treatment for people who have intense emotions they are unable to manage in constructive ways. These intense emotions are frequently a result of being raised in an invalidating environment.  When people struggle with intense emotions, the results can be impulsive or emotion-based actions that cause pain and problems in their lives and the lives of others. These behaviors can be intense anger, depression, suicide attempts, self-harm, substance abuse, being emotionally numb, over-shopping, gambling or eating disorders.

Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)

Clinical Hypnosis is sometimes referred to as Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy (or HRT) because it involves the use of relaxation, mental imagery and suggestion for a therapeutic purpose.

HRT involves learning how to use your mind and thoughts in order to manage emotional distress (e.g., anxiety, stress), unpleasant physical symptoms (e.g., pain, nausea), or to help you change certain habits or behaviors (e.g., smoking, overeating).

"Mindfully Healing embraces a personal growth based model unlike a problem or deficiency based model of traditional mental health... our clients experience this during their first session."