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"Mindfully Healing embraces a personal growth based model unlike a problem or deficiency based model of traditional mental health... Our clients experience this during their first session."

Our Mission

Mission: To help individuals and families overcome a variety of life’s challenges through connection, education, and effective professional services.

Our Vision for Healthcare

Vision: To provide whole-person health care while enhancing the lives of people within our community.

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We provide information and resources to help increase life satisfaction and mental health wellness. We believe that everyone can live a full, satisfying life and everyone’s journey is unique. Learn More About Us!

Carrie Morgando, MA LPC

Clinical expertise in working with children, adolescents, individuals, couples, and families with issues related to autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, trauma, and divorce. Certificate training in ADHD - Moving Beyond Medication and Neuroscience for Treating Anxiety, Panic and Worry.

Mitchell Olson, MA LPCC

Clinical expertise in treating individuals and couples with issues related to depression, anxiety, and trauma. Certificate training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy).

Melissa Spicer MS, LPCC, CCTP

Clinical expertise in supporting individuals with concerns related to grief & bereavement, trauma, anxiety, depression, insomnia, pre/post pregnancy, relationship conflict, parent education and career changes. Certificate training in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), Police Officer Wellness, Trauma, Nutritional and Integrative Medicine, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), and Teletherapy.

Tasia Cloutier, MA LPCC

I also use a variety of techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client-Centered Therapy, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, and Post Induction Therapy for trauma and relationship issues. The premise of Post Induction Therapy is that childhood trauma (defined as anything less than nurturing) is the origin of developmental immaturity.

Some of our Specialties

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

The client is always in control of the entire ART session, with the therapist guiding the process. Although some traumatic experiences such as rape, combat experiences, or loss of a loved one can be very painful to think about or visualize, the therapy rapidly moves clients beyond the place where they are stuck in these experiences toward growth and positive changes. The process is very straightforward, using relaxing eye movements and a technique called Voluntary Memory/Image Replacement to change the way in which the negative images are stored in the brain. The treatment is grounded in well-established psychotherapy techniques, and the end result is that traumas and difficult life experiences will no longer trigger strong emotions or physical reactions. Importantly, clients do not even have to talk about their traumas or difficult life experiences with the therapist to achieve recovery.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

“I was in counseling for 11 years straight and needed it even longer. I tried everything and nothing worked for any length of time. Then I was hospitalized, I was tired of seeing different therapists and trying yet another medication. I had given up hope that anything would work. I [saw] myself as broken and unfixable. Then I found DBT! DBT literally saved my life.”

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How Your Smartphone Can Make You Smarter

Researchers tested how the mere presence of a smartphone affected cognitive capacity. The mere presence of your smartphone makes you more dumb, even when it is on silent, new research finds. It doesn’t even matter if it is turned off! So, leaving your smartphone in another room actually makes you smarter. The study found that when people had their smartphones with them, their cognitive capacity was reduced. Cognitive capacity is the ability to hold and process information in the mind. Dr Adrian Ward, the study’s first author, said: “We see

The Unexpected Sign Of Alzheimer’s Disease

This simple test can help to predict Alzheimer’s disease. Being unaware of memory loss is actually an important warning sign for developing Alzheimer’s disease, new research finds. People who were unaware of their own memory problems — known as anosognosia — were 64% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s within 5 years. On the other hand, if you are worried about memory loss, but your partner isn’t, then it’s probably not Alzheimer’s. Dr. Philip Gerretsen, the study’s lead author, said: “If patients complain of memory problems, but their partner or caregiver

Antidepressant Thought Safe Linked To Self-Harm And Suicide

Drug thought safe for teenagers linked to suicidal and self-harming behaviours. A common antidepressant thought safe for adolescents is actually ineffective, new research finds. Worse, it has been linked to serious side-effects. The drug is called paroxetine, which is marketed as Paxil, Seroxat and Aropax. The conclusions come from a re-evaluation of a study — known as ‘Study 329’ — carried out in 2001 . Study 329, which was funded by the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, originally claimed paroxetine was effective and safe. Not only were these conclusions wrong, the new

7 Signs That You Are Probably Smarter Than Average

Surprising signs of intelligence include a tendency towards mental illness, being prone to worry, sleeping late and more… 1. Mental illness Disorders of mood could be the price some people pay for high intelligence, recent research finds. Psychologists have found that higher childhood IQ is linked to features of bipolar disorder in young adulthood. The research adds fuel to the debate over the connection between intelligence, creativity and mental health issues. Other studies now suggest a link between intelligence and mental illness that may go back into our evolutionary past.

How A Man’s Chest Signals His Intelligence

Now we know why some men undo more shirt buttons than they should. A hairy chest signals higher intelligence in a man, research finds. Dr Aikarakudy Alias, a psychiatrist, has found that hairy chests are more frequent among men who are highly educated, such as doctors. Dr Alias surveyed male trainee doctors in the US and found that 45% of them were ‘very hairy’. This is in comparison to the 10% of men in the general population who are very hairy. The same was also true when Dr Alias looked

The Unexpected Way To Win Any Argument

Don’t just contradict them — try a more radical approach. Extreme agreeing could be the answer to getting people to change their minds, psychological research suggests. The natural reaction when arguing with someone is to contradict them. However, showing people a very extreme version of their own deeply held opinions can make them think again. It seems that the absurdity of extreme agreeing helps to foster a rethink. I agree with you The study recruited 150 Israelis who were shown a video about the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The video did

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Police Officer and First Responder Wellness

“Support for first responder safety and wellness is vital to the field and community, as well as the well-being of their colleagues, agencies, and families.”

Therapy for Depression

Are you feeling hopeless, isolated and not your usual self?

Online Counseling

*Due to concerns regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing recommendations, some Mindfully Healing Clinicians are now offering VIDEO TELEHEALTH services to both new and established clients.

Grief & Bereavement Counseling

Bereavement and grief aren’t light-hearted topics. Bereavement refers to the process of recovering from the death of a loved one, and grief is a reaction for any form of loss. Both encompass a wide range of emotions such as fear, anger and deep, deep sadness. The process of adapting to a loss can dramatically change from person to person, depending on his or her background, beliefs, relationship to the person who’s passed, and other factors. Common symptoms of grief can be physical, emotional or social.

Finding Purpose

Are you interested in finding more fulfillment in your personal journey or increasing your overall well-being? You have come to the right place! Here you will find a community of professional and individual advocates for mental health and wellness. We want you to live your life to the fullest and we aim to provide resources, groups, and research to support your goals.

Featured Clinician

Tasia Cloutier, MA LPCC

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

I also use a variety of techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client-Centered Therapy, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, and Post Induction Therapy for trauma and relationship issues. The premise of Post Induction Therapy is that childhood trauma (defined as anything less than nurturing) is the origin of developmental immaturity.

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Get more information on a variety of parenting strategies and therapeutic techniques for your child including Play Therapy, Child-Parent Relationship Therapy, Sandtray Therapy, and Theraplay Techniques.


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