Antidepressant Side-Effects Higher Than Previously Thought

Antidepressants side-effects: in the US one in ten are prescribed antidepressants each year, but are they told about ALL the side-effects? A new survey of antidepressants side-effects has found higher than expected levels of emotional numbness, sexual problems and even suicidal thoughts associated with the medication (Read et al., 2014). The study, published in the journal Psychiatry Research, found that as many as half the people they surveyed had psychological problems due to their medication. The authors again question whether antidepressants are being over-prescribed. The paper’s lead author, Professor John

When Boredom is a Symptom of ADHD

The role of your brain in boredom Despite the...

Gestalt Theory

Gestalt Theory Gestalt in German means “whole...

2 Easy Ways To Make Memories That Last A Lifetime

Why some memories last a lifetime and others are quickly forgotten. Memories that last a lifetime need to be linked to lots of other memories, plus they need to be a bit weird. Professor Per Sederberg, an expert on memory, thinks the idea of peculiarity is vital to understanding memory: “You have to build a memory on the scaffolding of what you already know, but then you have to violate the expectations somewhat. It has to be a little bit weird.” This ‘scaffolding’ means connections to other memories. For example,

Meet our new therapist! –  Hannah Lenertz

Meet our new therapist! – Hannah Lenertz

Hannah Lenertz, MPS, LADC Hannah has clinical experience in treating individuals, couples, and groups, with issues related to grief, anger, depression, anxiety, relationships, co-occurring disorders, and trauma. She will be practicing out of our location. If you are interested in…

Meet our new therapist! – Katherine Borud

Meet our new therapist! – Katherine Borud

Katherine Borud, MA Katherine has clinical expertise working with children, adolescents, individuals, couples and families with issues related to anxiety, life transitions, self-esteem, and family or relational conflict. She will be practicing out of our location. If you are interested…