What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Personality post image

Two surveys hint at links between sleep position, personality and the strength of your relationship.

People who are more creative tend to sleep on their left-hand-side, a survey finds.

The survey also found that people who are more extraverted tend to sleep closer to their partners.

In fact, being in closer contact with your partner during sleep was related to having a better relationship.

12% of couples spend the night less than 1 inch apart.

Among these couples, 86% were happy with their relationship.

On the other hand, 2% slept more than 30 inches apart.

Among these couples the amount happy with their relationship dropped to 66%.

Touching was also an important factor, said Professor Richard Wiseman, who conducted the survey:

“One of the most important differences involved touching, with 94% of couples who spent the night in contact with one another were happy with their relationship, compared to just 68% of those that didn’t touch.”

It did not seem to make much difference in which direction couples were sleeping.

The most popular sleeping positions for couples were:

  • 42% slept back to back,
  • 31% slept facing the same direction,
  • and 4% slept facing each other.

A previous survey for a budget hotel chain also examined the link between sleep position and personality.

It found that:

  • 41% slept in the foetal position. This was linked to having a sensitive heart and being a little shy.
  • 15% adopted the ‘log’, lying on your side with arms by your side. These people were easy-going and social.
  • 13% slept in the ‘yearning’ position: same as the log but with arms outstretched. Yearners have open natures, but can be cynical.
  • 8% slept like soldiers, on their backs with arms by their sides. These are quiet and reserved people who don’t like to make a fuss, the survey suggested.
  • 7% slept in free fall, face down, hands around the pillow. These were somewhat thin-skinned people, often extroverted and brash.

Speaking about his survey, Professor Wiseman said:

“This is the first survey to examine couples’ sleeping positions, and the results allow people to gain an insight into someone’s personality and relationship by simply asking them about their favourite sleeping position.”

The surveys were conducted to publicise a book and a budget hotel chain, respectively. In other words: take with a pinch of salt.