Eye color could reveal an element of your character, research finds.

Lighter eyes were connected to extra selfish, competitive, skeptical people, a recent study finds. Darker eyes, although, are linked to sympathy, altruism and a higher altruistic behaviour. The study, which was performed in Australia, only held for people with Northern european ancestry, even though, the have a look at’s authors explain:

“A competitive man or woman is characterized by an inclination to be adverse, selfish, and sceptical of others’ intentions instead of cooperative…

…light-eyed people, whatever their gender, might be extra aggressive psychologically than darker eyed individuals if they’re of north european descent.”

The authors offer an evolutionary cause of the distinction:

“…the uncommon-color benefit of mild eyed women, is possibly to increase the risk of being observed by a male.

furthermore, competitive personality tendencies (along with wanting to overcome others and being sceptical of others’ intentions) ensure the long-term commitment essential for self and decedent survival.

at the same time as some might also argue that it is not likely that a male would select a unpleasant woman we argue that mating is not the only desire of adult males and that the unpleasant tendencies of aggressive women are directed mostly at different female opposition instead of in the direction of men.”

The study was published in the journal Current Biology (Gardiner & Jackson, 2010).