When marriages are facing reoccurring problematic issues, they may need the help of a professional to help them restore their relationship. Depending on the depth of the problems I would choose either Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) or Cognitive Behavioral Family Therapy (CBFT) to help the couple resolve their turmoil. I like SFBT because it focusses on learning skills to benefit the relationship going forward. The causes of the problems, however, are not emphasized in this therapy. It also provides a nice framework for analyzing and problem-solving long-standing relational issues. Also, SFBT is a brief therapy which promotes remediation in three to five sessions.  I would use CBFT for more severe issues pertaining to each individual. To determine severity, I would listen for instances of trauma or unhealthy attachment. The session would start with psychoeducation and engagement.  I then would progress to individual and family skills training. Finally, I would teach them how to apply what has been learned in previous sessions to the marriage.


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