If you’ve never had to raise your children without the benefit of the electronic gadgetry, one can understand the panic the FAA’s ban on electronics is having on parents.

The laptop & iPad ban endangers all travelers by preventing parents from entertaining melt-down prone toddlers on long international flights

— Ian Brown (@igb) March 21, 2017

Have children ever flown on international flights before without the benefit of an iPad, for example? Has it ever been done?

It has, the BBC is assuring people in the wake of the laptop ban.

It offers these alternatives to parents. Additional details and instructions can be found from any grandparent:

OK, so it is no all-singing, all-dancing Peppa Pig game for the tablet, but choosing the right colour combination for your chosen design is a time-consuming activity in itself.

Reading books
While there may be children who have never picked up an actual book with pages in their lives, we can assure you they still exist and are available for purchase.

Be it jigsaw, wordsearch or number problems, puzzles are a time-honoured way of stopping tears and tantrums.

Mini board games
Those with more than one primary-school-aged child would do well with a game of snakes and ladders, or investing in that classic, Connect Four. Just don’t let it get too competitive – we are trying to stop the crying, not create it.

The kid will be fine, particularly if not having a laptop increases the likelihood they reach their destination.

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Source: MPR